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The Galaxy Of Geeks podcast is friends talking about all things geek. Whether that’s Star Wars, Marvel Vs. DC, TV shows, Movies, or anything in between, we have all of the geek bases. Go to galaxy of geeks.net to find out more. Punch it.

Chris Vaglio is a business owner, filmmaker, husband and father of two girls who hate Star Wars, which he holds to this day as his biggest failure in life. In 1977 at the young age of 3, Chris saw Star Wars for the first time and from that moment he was hooked. His love for films and filmmaking grew from there and quickly became a fan of all types’ films – Sci Fi, Comedy, Horror, Fantasy, and Action. His love for films, music, comics, and TV continues to drive him, his wife and daughters crazy to this day. He is an expert on nothing, but sure loves to talk about the things he loves

Chris also is a partner and co founder of digital video production company called Grey Sky Films and has produced and directed several films including the award winning short comedy “The White Spruce”.

His big goal now is to get his nephews into Star Wars and see the NY Rangers win another Stanley Cup in his lifetime – there is still hope!!!

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Victor M. Ruiz is the host of the hard rock and metal show the Mars Attacks Podcast. He co-founded the Blast Syndicated network of podcasts, and is the founder of several podcast news sites, such as earpeeler, and bunch of soon to be launched sites that fit the same mold.

A passionate follower of music, tv, film, and video games, The Empire Strikes back is one of his first movie going experiences, was an avid subscriber of comics back in the late 80s, and is a huge fan of superhero movies, possibly being one of the only people to actually enjoy the Daredevil movie!

He is now trying to pass is love for Star Wars, comics, and video games to his two young sons via various Lego movies and video games.

After having moved to Europe, the New York Rangers is the only team he still follows avidly, it’s a six hour difference after all!